With so many places that advertise "quick and affordable" oil changes, some drivers may not know where to take their vehicle when it is time for service. Fortunately, we at Lucas Chevrolet take pride in being a local service provider that takes pride in offering only the best for our customers. We have you covered whether you need an oil change, fluid flush, or something else.

Why Should I Bring my Vehicle in for an Oil Change

The main benefit we offer is a high-level service guarantee. Our technicians have the training and experience necessary to perform service on your vehicle at the highest level. We also keep oil and oil filters in stock for just about every vehicle on the road.

This means you can not only feel confident in us having the oil you need when you stop by Lucas Chevrolet, but we will also have a long-lasting and high-quality oil filter that will help maximize the life of the oil we put in your vehicle. If it is time for an oil change, let us keep your vehicle running its best!

What Other Fluid Flush Services Do We Offer?

In addition to oil changes, we offer a few other fluid flush services. One of the more popular services is a radiator coolant flush. While not recommended, it is not super uncommon for some vehicle owners to replace their antifreeze with water if the reservoir becomes low.

This is not normally something to worry about when it is warm outside, but it could spell disaster as the temperature drops below zero. Bring your vehicle to us to check and flush your coolant if necessary.

Another popular fluid flush we offer is for transmission fluid. This is not required for all vehicles but is indeed important for some. If your owner's manual calls for a transmission fluid flush and it is time to have it performed, bring your vehicle to us at Lucas Chevrolet.

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