Chevrolet Service near Cherry Hill NJ


Any time you need to schedule Chevy service near Cherry Hill, New Jersey, you can do so at our dealership. That's because our team of trained technicians can perform any repairs or maintenance jobs your vehicle needs done.

Whether it's just a simple oil change and tire rotation you're looking to get done, or you noticed a warning light has appeared on your dashboard, just bring your car by for Chevy service and let our Lucas Chevy team help you out!


One of the most important aspects of owning a vehicle is making sure you get all the appropriate service it needs on a regular basis. Preventive care for your vehicle not only keeps it performing at its safest and most efficient, but it also means you can catch any issues before they become a more serious problem.

That's why our trained technicians can use their expert eyes and perform a thorough inspection any time you bring your vehicle to us. Just like you get checkups for yourself at the doctor, our multi-point vehicle inspection can make sure everything within your vehicle is working just the way it needs to.

Plus, if there are low fluid levels, the engine oil is old, or the brake pads are worn, we can quickly get them replaced for you with genuine Chevy parts designed specifically for your vehicle.


Whether you've been involved in an accident or you just notice a strange sound coming from the engine, you can also bring your vehicle by our Chevrolet service center near Cherry Hill to let our technicians fix whatever may need to be repaired.

They can first assess the damage, or diagnose the cause of the issue, and let you know exactly what will need to be done to get your vehicle all fixed up. Then, they'll get to work on repairing your vehicle for you. When they're done repairing your vehicle, it'll be looking and performing exactly as it should!


We also know how much you rely on your vehicle on a daily basis. You need it get to the office, take the kids to school, or just to various weekly activities you have throughout Cherry Hill. That’s why we offer a range of service hours that gives you the flexibility to choose a time that best fits into your schedule.
This includes morning hours as well as weekend hours. That way you can get your vehicle serviced and all the critical Chevy maintenance it needs in order to continue to have safe and reliable performance. You can then continue to drive around while staying on schedule for all your other plans!


Schedule your Chevy service appointment now right online! Just pick a time that works best for you to have your car brought by for your next Chevy maintenance interval, or to have your vehicle repaired. After that, our Lucas Chevy technicians will get to work on your vehicle and make sure it keeps performing at its very best!

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